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The Explorer window is similar to solution explorer in Visual studio. It is a starting point for SPCoder. In order to use SPCoder, you need to enter the url of your site collection in the Explorer’s address bar and click the Connect button. After connecting to server, it shows the treeview with SharePoint objects (Site, Webs, Lists and Libraries).
Objects from the treeview can be added to SPCoder context by dragging and dropping them to the Context window.
That’s the way you add the SharePoint objects to IronPython engine so you can use those objects in your scripts.


For example if you want to change some attribute of items in your list, you would need to drag’n’drop the list object from the treeview to the context, write the little script that iterates over the list.Items collection, sets the new value to the attribute of items and call Update method.

for i in list.Items:
     i["Attribute"] = "new value"

Other features:

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