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SPCoder’s main window contains toolbar with action buttons and several other windows that are arranged in dockable, Visual studio, style. Every window’s position can be set to auto-hide or pinned to any side of the main window.


Action buttons are shown in following order:

New Script – Creates new code window where you can write your script.
Open script – Opens the open file dialog. After selecting the file, it is opened in new code window.
Save – Opens the save file dialog which saves the code from active code window to the file. If the file has already been saved earlier, it just overwrites the file without prompting.
Save As – Opens the save file dialog for saving the current code to a file.
Save As Autorun – Opens the save file dialog and, after saving the file, saves it’s path to autorun configuration so the script will be executed automatically the next time SPCoder runs.
Execute (F5) – Executes the script from currently active code window. If some code in active code window is selected then only the selection gets executed.
Properties – Makes the Properties window visible. It is located on the right side of the main window by default
Output – Makes the output window visible.
Context – Makes the context window visible
Autorun – Makes the autorun window visible
Explorer – Makes the explorer window visible
Describer – Makes the describer window visible
– Shows all space characters as dots in all code windows (this can be useful for debugging since IronPython uses white space indentation)

Other features:

Main window | Explorer | Code editor | Describer | Properties | Autorun | Context | Log | Output

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