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Output window is a feature of SPCoder that serves as application’s standard output. You can write any data to output window using the SPCoder’s out API. It is located in the bottom dock of the main window by default.

The definition of the out IronPython object can be found at the autorun Base Script file:


Following are the examples of calling the SPCoder out API:

#writes the passed value to output window

#iterates over collection and writes the "Title" property of every field to output
#this method uses dot notation to access property (field.Title)
out.writeCol(list.Fields, "Title")

#iterates over collection and writes the "Title" property of every item to output
#this method uses indexer to access property (item["Title"])
out.writeCol2(list.Items, "Title")

#goes through dictionary and writes every key/value pair to output
#output is formated as key:value

#goes through dictionary and writes every item to output calling ToString() method
#on item objects

Screenshot of the mentioned example:


Output window is cleared before every subsequent execution of the code.

Other features:

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