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A tool for interactive work with SharePoint's object model, using IronPython.
It is designed to help SharePoint developers and administrators to easily explore SharePoint Portal's structure and write and execute code against SharePoint's object model.

SPCoder works with SharePoint 2013, 2010 and 2007.

Main parts of the tool:

Explorer - Shows the treeview with Portal's structure. Similar to Solution explorer in visual studio. Nodes from this treeview can be dragged to Context window and thus "connected" to scripting engine.
Code editor - Window for writing and executing the IronPython code. It supports autocomplete, syntax highlighting, code folding etc.
Describer - Window for viewing SP object's properties. It supports "object chaining" and "bread crumbs".
Properties viewer - Standard .NET PropertyGrid control that can be bound to any SP object
Autorun scripts - Set of predefined scripts that are executed when the tool is started. This can be very usefull if you repeat some tasks every time you run the SPCoder.
Context window - Window connected with the scripting engine. When the object (SPSite, SPWeb or SPList) from Explorer is dropped to Context it can be used from IronPython code or Describer window.
Log window - Window for logging errors and other events.
Output window - Standard output for SPCoder. It can be used from scripts by using out.writeln() method.


For detailed description please visit the Documentation tab.

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SPCoder makes use of following open source projects:

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