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Describer is a feature of SPCoder that allows you to explore the properties of any SharePoint object from SPCoder context. Describer window is by default opened in central dock position. It can be activated by right clicking the item in Context and choosing the Describe option in context menu.


Describer has the following features:

  • Expression box - text box where you enter the expression to evaluate
  • Indexer - NumericUpDown control that can be used in situations when the object being described can be indexed
  • Sort - allows you to sort properties by names or by values
  • Max value size - the max length of property value that will be shown (sometimes property value can be very long, so it would be impractical to show the full value in describer)
  • Editable – if checked the description result can be editable.
  • Word wrap - if checked property values are wrapped to fit the screen, otherwise each property value is shown in one line and vertical scrollbar is visible.
  • MSDN link – link to the msdn page that describes the type of currently described object. For example, in the screenshot above the MSDN link points to: 
  • Bread crumb trail - can be used to get back to any previously described object.
  • Object chaining - allows you to describe the property of the property, which can be accomplished using standard dot notation. For example if you described the “site” object, you can enter “site.Owner” in the expression box and click the Describe button. That will describe the Owner property of the site object. This can also easily be achieved by double clicking the name of the property and clicking the Describe button after that.


Other features:

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