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Q: What is SPCoder?
A: SPCoder is a windows application which helps SharePoint developers and administrators to explore SharePoint object model and write and execute scripts using IronPython.

Q: I am a SharePoint developer and I want to use SPCoder. Do I need to know IronPython?
A: NO! SPCoder has very useful features that does not require any coding at all.

Q: I want to write scripts for SPCoder. Where can I find the tutorial for IronPython?
A: The main IronPython web site is The language features of Python also apply to IronPython, so the best documentation can be found here:

Q: Can I run SPCoder remotely from workstation?
A: No. You must be logged on the Server where SharePoint is installed in order to use SPCoder.

Q: I have an Idea how to make SPCoder better and I would like to help the team. How can I do that?
A: You are very welcome to the team. Just send a message to Project coordinator

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